Aim to start your business in making personal care and cosmetic products?

Personal Formula Resources provides a total solution for clients who keen to start their business in this trendy industry. We provide services from creating formulations to manufacturing finished products that suit your requirement. Basic Chemistry knowledge is not needed and we teach in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin according customer’s requirement.

Business Course Scope:

  • Theory and Product Background Introduction
  • Explanation of Raw Materials & Specialty Ingredients used
  • Formulation & Application Guidance
  • Procedures & Handling Skill Presentation
  • Practical & Technical Training Demonstration
  • Knowledge of Equipment & Machines Used
  • Costing & Budget Tolerance Calculation
  • Marketing Strategy Consultancy & Documentary Support
  • Queries & Discussion

Business Course Bonus:

  • Products (from 500ml to 1 Liter) made during the course with proper packaging.
  • File contained formulation in full description on the ingredients used, procedures and related documents.
  • Certificate of participation which verified by our own workshop.
  • Enjoy discount (from 5% to 10%) on the ingredients, tools and equipment purchased on the same day after the course.
  • Free of charge on the consultation (related to the course participated only)

All business courses are conducted in ONE TO ONE hands on class to protect customer privacy and confidential formulation. Normally the course can be completed within one day. One product from theory explanation to practical training takes about 3 hours.

We have wide ranges of products from hair to toe as listed. We offer flexible packages from one product to group of products. Choose the products you are interested and contact us by phone or email after you have made the selection, we will quote you accordingly.

*The course fees are charged from RM 1500.00 on wards.*
*The more products you choose, the fees will be cheaper as we will quote you in package.*
*The fees include raw materials, packaging, formulation and related documents.*

Products listed not your interest?

For customers interested in developing or improving their existing products or add in new products in their business with their own idea, we do provide consultations and customized formulations that special requested by customers. Just contact us for further discussion.

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