Business Courses

  • For those who keen on starting business
  • Products made for commercial used
  • Used professional and laboratory equipments, investment may require
  • Ingredients used are synthetic and natural, cost effective, visible result
  • Economical formulation and
    marketing points claimed
  • Courses conducted by product
    (about 3 hours per product)
  • Course fees from RM 1500 on wards
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Hobby Courses

Hobby Courses
  • For those who love to DIY
  • Products made for own used or gift
  • Used simple and manual skilled tools,
    easy to obtained, low cost
  • Ingredients used mainly natural and environmental friendly, benefits to skin
  • Natural and friendly formulation;
    rich in contents
  • Courses conducted by package
    (about 1 hour per product)
  • Course fees from RM 500 on wards
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